Color Outside helps entrepreneurial women of color harness the power of outdoor adventures to create the JOY-filled, balanced lives they crave through curated adventures, coaching & community

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Here’s what we know. Setting aside the time to escape your routine, play in the wild, push your body to new heights and rediscover what makes you come alive is just what you need to feel on fire again. There’s something magical about getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time slows down and things seem more simple. Where even the smallest exploration can feel like an huge adventure.  Come play in the wild with us.

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 I 100% understand the frustration of feeling like you're spinning your wheels. I know how it is to feel completely disconnected from who you are at your core — to feel listless, bored and stuck. But I've also seen firsthand the power of  transformational coaching to help you create a purpose-filled and joyful life. If you're ready for a more clarity & more joy in your life, I'm ready to help you make it happen. 

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One-woman communities are the enemy of freedom. Going at it alone takes every ounce of life you’ve got to just get by. It drains you and keeps you in discontent and lackluster living. Let's kick isolation to the curb and really flourish as a community to create that joyful, adventurous life that you crave where you’re killing it in every aspect of your life, not just at work. 

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