Let's make magic.

There’s something magical about connecting to nature -- breathing in the fresh air, listening to the wind rustle through the trees, feeling the blood pump through your legs as you hike, run, jump, soar. There’s something magical about getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time slows down and things seem more simple. Where even the smallest exploration can feel like an huge adventure.

And yet, for some reason, you may have been told that the outdoors is not for you. That women of color don’t ‘do’ the outdoors. That running away into the forest or climbing mountains or snowshoeing through pristine, snowy fields is something that belongs to others -- not you.


Nature belongs to all of us. We belong here. Join our community of women of color adventurers. Whether you’re a long-time adventure seeker or ready to take on the great outdoors for the first time, Color Outside is an opportunity get some fresh air, do some exploring and connect with one another -- all while changing the face of the outdoor industry.


We're women of color challenging ourselves to new adventures, all while changing the face of the outdoor industry. Together, we push our bodies to new heights, reconnect with who we are at our core, and strengthen our ties as a community.

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Here’s what we know. Setting aside 4 days to escape your routine, play in the wild, push your body to new heights and rediscover what makes you come alive is just what you need to feel on fire again. 

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