Plan For JOY:
5 Secrets to Living Your Soul-Stirring Life

Joy is the Essential Ingredient

I work with powerhouse women. I helped them build thriving communities online as a marketing consultant. I helped them figure out ways to turn their passions into profitable businesses as a business coach. But the ONE thing that we always end up talking about is not the social media tactics or the marketing funnels or the newest business trends, but how they can be happier.

Join me live to learn how to finally start putting yourself first again.


  • How you can build a life that you love without burning out
  • How to avoid getting swallowed up by the bigness of your ideas and the intensity of your passions
  • How to hop off the cycle of overwhelm and burn-out and start living an adventurous life that is consistently connected to your bliss.
  • How to fully embrace being joyful and carefree as a woman of color (even when the world tells us the opposite)
  • Findings from recent studies on why any of this matters. We'll talk about why it's important to embrace a joy-filled life, especially as a woman of color

What's stopping you from a soul-stirring life?

Nothing. Join me and I'll show you how.