Pop of Color Workshop | January 30th @ 12PM ET/9AM PT  

Plan For JOY:
Create Your Soul-stirring Vision

This Workshop Begins In:


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2020 is Over...Now What?

We're past the holidays, we rang in the new year, and we survived the first week of 2021 — and that was one helluva week.

You might have entered 2021 feeling re-energized and ready to set things right again, or at least cautiously optimistic that things might be different.

But maybe you're not quite ready to get back to the pace of life we had pre-pandemic.

If there's anything that 2020 has shown us, it's that not only can things change in an instant but also that the way we've been approaching goals and success and accomplishments is completely unsustainable.

What if you could plan your new year, without the stress?

  • What if you had a plan for this year that left you feeling whole and good, instead of drained?
  • What if you were able to set goals that were fully aligned with exactly who you at your core?
  • What if you knew that even if the world threw you a curve ball, you'd be able to change things up without feeling completely knocked off course?

Creating your goals should feel expansive — you should feel like you're fulling stepping into how you want to feel and show up in this world.

And you stepping into your full self is exactly what this world needs.

Join us for Plan For JOY, a 2-hour virtual workshop to get the strategies and support you need to make 2021 the year that you take action on that life you crave.

January 30th 12pm ET/9am PT


Girl, this workshop is for you.

Plan For JOY is for ambitious, entrepreneurial women of color who are ready to hop off the cycle of overwhelm and burn-out and start living a life that is adventurous and soul-stirring on all levels — professionally and personally.

It’s time to get back to:

  • Feeling more at peace and present in your daily life
  • Reconnecting with who you are at your core, your passions, and your purpose
  • Taking chances on YOURSELF and feeling brave, courageous and free
  • Finally stepping into the vision you have for yourself
  • Surrounding yourself with a community of women who just get you

You'll leave with:

  • A clear vivid vision on what you're truly craving for your life
  • Clarity on the stumbling blocks that have been getting in your way (hello fear, doubt & uncertainty!) and proven strategies to push past those obstacles when you feel stuck
  • A comprehensive plan for achieving the big, exciting goals you have for yourself — in your own way, without burning out
  • An understanding of how to set more intentional goals that are aligned with who you truly are
  • The permission to finally just start doing things your way

I work with powerhouse women. I helped them build thriving communities online as a marketing consultant. I helped them figure out ways to turn their passions into profitable businesses as a business coach. But the ONE thing that we always end up talking about is not the social media tactics or the marketing funnels or the newest business trends, but how they can be happier.

What's stopping you from a soul-stirring life? Nothing. Join me and I'll show you how. 



Hi, I’m Nailah Blades Wylie. I’m a Life & Leadership Coach who helps women tap into their power and build lives that are whole, good, and full of possibility.

Through high touch coaching that integrates the outdoors, I teach my clients how to go from feeling invisible to imitable in every area of their lives.

My work centers on my belief that when we stand in the truth of our authentic selves, we can live and lead in a way that creates real change in our world.

And the secret is you can do all of that, joyfully.

Let me teach you how.