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Entrepreneur Anniversary

I saw a Facebook memory this week reminding me that 9 years ago, I walked into my manager’s office and put in my two week notice. 9 years ago, I took the ultimate chance on myself and my dreams and my vision. 9 years ago, I quit my corporate job and never looked back. The […]

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The Burial

What is your thing — THE THING— that you’ve wanted to do forever? Do you have this idea that has just been hanging out inside you for as long as you can remember, that you just haven’t acted on? Maybe it’s not an idea, maybe it’s a desire.Learning a new language.Taking a pole dancing class.Going […]

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Who’s Responsible for This?

When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s natural to start looking around for what could be the cause of our own unrest and unhappiness. This damn job is sucking out my soul.These kids are driving me crazy.My partner isn’t supportive or helpful.My friends aren’t really there for me. And truthfully, it’s possible that all those things […]

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