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Date Yourself.

You need to take yourself out on a date.Spend more time with you. More than anything else…you should stop putting off the things you want to do simply because you’re waiting for someone to do it with you. Your happiness and quest for adventure shouldn’t be tied to someone else’s desires aligning with yours.If you […]

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Our Fall Retreat Is Coming…

I’m absolutely PUMPED about the Fall 2019 Color Outside Retreat! We’ll be announcing the details soon (like within the next week), but first wanted to give you a few hints about where we’ll be basking in some soul-stirring adventure! Here are some clues: This area is home to not one, but TWO, well-known and visually-stunning […]

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Are you Pouring from an Empty Cup?

This morning I had the most refreshing call with a good friend. She had called me unexpectedly and we made time to catch up and chat with each other for about 45 minutes. When I got off the phone with her, I felt like my cup had been refilled. You see, sometimes I feel isolated. […]

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