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Is Moab on your To-Do List?

Recently we announced that our Fall 2019 Color Outside Retreat is taking place in Moab, UT, October 10 -13th. We hope that it’s on your to-do list. While we plan to have the best damn time of our lives, the reason it needs to be on your list is simple: This event was created with you at […]

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Will You Do This With Us?

How often do you get to play? When we were kids, it was a requirement. A natural part of our day where we could tap into our own imagination and creativity. As adults, we abandoned every day play. Opting to pull it out for a few days or a week of vacation here and there. […]

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Playtime is not just for kids

When’s the last time you played? I’m talking full-on, delightfully silly, fun on fun on fun PLAY. For most of us, it was probably sometime when we were kids. Maybe when we were teens if we were lucky. But as much as we relegate playtime to little kid stuff, it’s actually really important for us […]

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