Will You Do This With Us?

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How often do you get to play?

When we were kids, it was a requirement. A natural part of our day where we could tap into our own imagination and creativity.

As adults, we abandoned every day play. Opting to pull it out for a few days or a week of vacation here and there. The rest of that time is filled with the mundane tasks of work, raising families, paying bills, laundry and cleaning.

Only it doesn’t have to be.

Taking a walk.
Riding a bike.
Having a picnic on your deck.
Planting a garden.
Meeting your girlfriends for brunch.
Bingeing your favorite TV show while conditioning your hair and painting your nails.

All of those things are PLAY.

With Spring finally arriving in full force, I want you to take sometime each week (and eventually each DAY) and PLAY.

Will you join us?

— N.

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