Every Coach has an ideal pocket of people to serve. My primo people? High achieving, entrepreneurial women of color who are mired in the muck of burnout and boredom . If that’s you—right to the core—read on + explore…

If you are:

  • “Successful” on the outside—but murky + miserable on the inside—and mystified by the fact that the business you busted your butt to create isn’t making you happy. You've been hustling so hard that you've lost yourself in the process.
  • Burned out by the day-to-day. You've put everyone else first and there is zero time or energy left for yourself.
  • Feeling isolated and alone. No one quite gets your intriguing blend of business owner + woman of color + all the other amazing things that make you, you. You need someone in your corner who understands 110%.
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    Wriggling with the idea of pivoting or launching something BIG, but overwhelmed by the logistics of getting from idea-brewing to strategic action.
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    Worried that you're running out of time. You used to have an incredible, fulfilling life outside of your business and you're afraid you'll never be able to get that old feeling back of passionate living. The fear of regret is looming, hard.

I’m here to help you create that unapologetically joyful, adventurous life that you crave — no matter how frustrated or fragmented you might feel, right now.

I work with visionary women of color with fiercely entrepreneurial spirits.

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And by “entrepreneurial spirit,”  I’m talking about women with solution-driven minds and service-focused hearts. Women who are constantly seeking ways to live, work & serve with more impact and brilliance. Women who get a buzz from creating magic (products, offerings, events, books) out of next-to-nothing. Yep. That’s the spirit.

So, how do we get started?

It all begins with a free 45-minute consultation—a zero pressure, free-flowing convo to determine what you’re struggling with, how I can help, and if we’re a vibrational match.

Here are some ways we can work together:

Fresh Moguls Mastermind

Consistent continual support, expertise & guidance combined with soul-stirring adventure retreats with a close knit crew of business baddies. Fresh Moguls Mastermind is our signature coaching & travel program. Learn more and apply to join the crew here

1-on-1 Coaching

You get: One 60-minute individual coaching session every other week, with email support, worksheets + check-ins between sessions.
And commit to: A three month coaching cycle.
You can begin: Anytime you like.
It all happens: over the phone (and the ‘net).
You’ll invest: $3,000 (payment plans available).
And you’ll feel: Motivated, empowered, and strategically synced-up to make your soul-stirring dream life a tangible reality—even if you don’t know what that dream is, yet.

Schedule your free consultation call here.

The Summit VIP Coaching Day

You need clarity. You need strategies. You need to get moving in the direction of the life you want. And you need it now. Or preferably, yesterday.

The faster you’re able to clarify that murkiness and get out into the world the better.

 I’m combining mounds of passion-uncovering coaching principles, strategies and tips with years of strategic planning & visioning tools to bring you a full-day, intensive, clarity-making coaching experience. And in true Color Outside fashion, I'm sprinkling in some outdoor adventure and wellness to balance out the work.

You get: One full-day, in-person, super-charged, laser-focused session plus a 60-minute call in the weeks following in order to hash out any details

And walk away with: A crystal clear understanding of your purpose in this world – complete with a rock solid grasp of your unique gifts & talents, your essence, and passions – and a personalized action plan complete with key objectives and do-able next steps to reach your supernova dream life. Plus an incredible experience to remember

You can begin: Anytime you like. (Availability is limited)

It all happens: In Salt Lake City, UT

Interested? Tell me more about yourself here and we'll get you set up with a call. Click here