Color outside EVNTS

Color Outside Events are action-oriented events for ambitious, entrepreneurial women of color who are ready to hop off the cycle of overwhelm and burn-out and get the strategies & support they need to start living a life that is adventurous and soul-stirring on all levels — professionally and personally. 

Girl, a Color Outside Event is for you if you want to... 

  • Feel more connected to your passions and purpose!
  • Feel more at peace and present in your daily life!
  • Take chances on YOURSELF!
  • Feel brave, courageous and free!
  • Celebrate each delicious success!
  • Surround yourself with a community of women who get you!

You'll leave with:

  • A clear vivid vision on what you're craving for your life & business. 
  • Clarity on the stumbling blocks that have been getting in your way (hello fear, doubt & uncertainty!) and proven strategies to push past those obstacles when you feel stuck. 
  • A comprehensive plan for achieving the big, exciting goals you have for yourself. 
  • A new community of other women of color who get you and are cheering on your success. 
  • A new adventure (or 2) under your belt!

I truly felt like I was pouring from any empty cup. I'm a mom and I am a wife, and I'm a full-time team member at an entrepreneurial organization. I was just feeling like I wasn't taking any time for myself. Giving, giving, giving to everyone around me and not refilling my cup. I was really feeling burnt out and really feeling disconnected. Attending the retreat definitely reconnected me with a sense of confidence... It was powerful having someone who was willing to listen and then hold me accountable to some of what I said I was going to do. 

—Tasha Thomas

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