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Are Your PJs Too Small?

Have you ever witnessed a child refusing to give up their favorite pajamas or costume, even after they’ve outgrown them? A coach friend of mine, Jess Eley, recently shared about her daughter not wanting to give up her too small pajamas and compared it to anyone who is in a growth phase. I thought this […]

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When did Selfish become a Four Letter Word?

Whenever I talk to women about living more joyfully and infusing their lives with more adventure and color, I’ll eventually come across the same initial objection: Yes, but isn’t that a little…selfish? The women I work with always undoubtedly feel guilty about thinking so much about themselves. They’ll tell me their big dreams and they’ll […]

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Good Things Come To Those Who Do This

You’ve heard the old adage that “good things come to those who wait”. As a child, I whole heartedly believed that if I was just patient enough, I’d get whatever shiny object my heart desired. As a teen and young adult, I found the importance of patience with the RIGHT thing — love, the right career path, […]

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