Are Your PJs Too Small?

Have you ever witnessed a child refusing to give up their favorite pajamas or costume, even after they’ve outgrown them?

A coach friend of mine, Jess Eley, recently shared about her daughter not wanting to give up her too small pajamas and compared it to anyone who is in a growth phase. I thought this was a beautiful yet simple metaphor that can apply to so many things in life.

We cling to what’s too small because we’ve deemed it comfortable.
It’s what we know.
And even though we have to struggle a bit and contort to fit inside, essentially making ourselves SMALLER, we’d prefer to do that over what is unknown.

After all, if not *these* PJs that I know and love— then what?

Our thoughts begin the snowball effect of the inconveniences of growth.

‘If I have to grow into these “new” pajamas, what else will I have to change and grow into?’
‘Damn, I’m probably going to have to be out here completely naked, even for about 30 seconds, while I’m trying to find the right fit for my new pajamas.’

So my question to you is, ‘What are your ‘PAJAMAS’?

What about your identity have you been avoiding letting go of because you’ve always had it and you wear it with pride… even though that very same identity is constricting you?

Is it being everyone’s caretaker?
Is it being ‘Doer of all the things’?

And what would it feel like to shed that identity and embrace one that feels better?
Being FREE.
Taking time for yourself.
Jumping feet first into a joyful life.

In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.
— Abraham Maslow

— N

P.S. Reply back to me and let me know what ‘pajamas’ are symbolic of for you.

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