I Really Suck At This. I’m Doing It Anyway.

Happy Holiday!

Everyone and their mum is in a season of reflection  — including me. But there’s something I’m thankful for this year that I believe is a FIRST for being on my “Year In Review” List.

All the things I actually suck at doing.

RecentlyI’ve been experimenting with doing stuff even though I might suck at it. This is hard for me. I’m one of those people who doesn’t always like doing things if I might be bad at it.

Then I realized, this fear of not excelling or being ‘perfect’ is actually holding me back from trying fun things.

I tried my hand at axe throwing with the local Color Outside group a couple of months ago (I was terrible, but we had fun!) and I’ve been trying out embroidery.

The embroidery thing is part of my quest to find new hobbies that I might enjoy, even if I’m no good at them.

We all need creative outlets, especially those of us who 1) have told ourselves we aren’t creative or 2) who use our brains for our creativity (analytic, strategic thinkers).

Next on my list: pottery class (getting my Ghost on).

As you head into some delicious family time, I hope you take a few moments for yourself to consider what things you’ve been holding back on that you actually want to try.

Then be thankful for the opportunity to be free enough to do it any-damn-way.

May This Be The Happiest Holiday of All!


PS: If skiing is on your “I want to try” list but you’ve never actually tried it (for so many reasons), click here. Color Outside’s got you!

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