What Does Wellness Actually Mean for Real People?

We’ve been hearing a lot about wellness lately — it’s having a moment — but what does wellness actually mean for real people?

For me, wellness means whatever makes us feel whole, full, and good. And this is exactly why the outdoors is the perfect vehicle for wellness. Getting out into the wild allows us to disconnect from a busy world and be present and refuel our souls. 

So how do we create our own personal wellness plan that feels easy and doable? The first step is getting clear on what you actually need to be well.

The next time you’re in an outdoor space, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and remember the last time you felt like your very best self. 

What were you doing during this time? What made this time so fulfilling for you? Then look for the elements of that experience that you can bring into your everyday life. 

What experiences come up for you when you think of when you were your best self? How can you bring those elements into your everyday life?

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