Building Community is Key to Our Wellness

Being part of a strong community has been shown to have tremendous positive effects on our mental health and emotional wellbeing. Community involvement provides a sense of belonging and social connectedness. People who have a supportive community have been shown to have a healthier mindset, improved self-worth, and greater enjoyment in life. Plus having a strong community often offers extra meaning and purpose to our everyday lives.

Basically, we need community in order to be well!

So how do we build and nourish our communities, especially as our world continues to shift and change? You can use the 3 Cs:

1 – Clarity: Connecting with others is one of the things that gives us purpose and meaning in our lives. It allows us to not wake up feeling rudderless when we know we have a community of folks to love and support. It’s important to get clear on what your own individual purpose is and keep that in mind as you begin to build your community so that you surround yourself with those who reflect your values.

2 – Consistency: Honestly, this can be the toughest part. Once you start to build your community filled with people who reflect your values and who support you, you have to stay consistent with connecting with them. It doesn’t mean you always have to plan elaborate get-togethers, but it does mean checking in with them and continuing to invite them into your world.

3 – Courage: Most important things in life require some sort of courage and building community is no different. Building a thriving community means having the courage to try new things, with new people. It also means having the courage to show vulnerability and bring people in. And it means having the compassion to meet others where they’re at so that you can make your community inclusive and safe.

Building a supportive, thriving community can feel difficult but it’s definitely rewarding once you start.

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