The Most Motivating Thing You’ll Hear Today

Whether you’re sliding into 2020 full speed ahead, or feeling like you’re stuck with no clue what direction to head in (or somewhere in the middle), I’m positive this video will motivate you to think differently about the moves you’re making!

In an interview with Trevor Noah, Will Smith explains how and why he’s been living his absolute best life this past year. He woke up a couple of years ago and realized that there were so many things that he was missing out on because of his larger than life celebrity status. He’d let his fame paint him into a corner.

Take some time to examine what are the things you’ve done that have painted you into a corner. The I Can’t Do That Because I….

  • have a super profesh job
  • am a mother
  • make too much money
  • don’t make enough money
  • am married
  • have 3 degrees
  • have 0 degrees


The list goes on and on

Then throw that shit out with the trash.

As you start to think about next year, do you want it to be the best year of your adult life? If the answer is YES, what will it take to make that happen?

Let’s live our best life RIGHT NOW (and continue it into the next year.)

Our time starts now. Because nothing is promised, not even tomorrow.

— N

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