We’re Stepping Out Of This Middle Group

One of the concepts in the book that stuck with me was the idea of the “Middle-Status Conformity Effect.”

Grant shared there were 3 common truths in every organization’s hierarchy:

1. Those at the top felt they had more freedom to deviate from the norm and to be trailblazers.

2. Those at the bottom had little to lose and everything to gain by bucking the status quo.

3. The folks in the middle  — who incidentally make up the bulk of the people — felt they had the most to lose from rocking the boat and thus fought to maintain the norms so as to not jeopardize their standing.

So basically, we have a ton of middle managers out there who are not thinking outside the box and who are much more likely to also shoot down new and original ideas from their subordinates. Not great for business, right?

This concept was striking to me because I’ve seen it play out with clients time and time again. Hell, I’ve felt it myself. When I first went out on my own as an entrepreneur, I had nothing to lose. I tried new ideas, pivoted my business when it wasn’t working, failed and tried and failed again.

But, as I continued to grow my business, became known for the work I do, and more visible, I felt was nervous to try completely new things or add new aspects to my business.

Why? Because I had more to lose if things didn’t work out.

That concept applies to any area of your life, really.

It’s easier to step out and do new things when you’re young and have nothing to lose, but now you have responsibilities.

You may have a partner, have kids, or be a caretaker to your parents.
Perhaps you just received a promotion at work.

There is an endless list of reasons why you haven’t taken a chance on yourself. A million tiny reasons for us to fall into the middle conformity rut.

What have you been putting off incorporating into your life, so as not to rock the boat?

Are you simply continuing to do things as they’ve always been done just because you’re afraid?

Are you self-sabotaging your JOY by not shining, not living your best life?

And what about what you’d gain if you flipped that on its head and lived unapologetically joyful and all around BIGGER.

Is that JOY and FREEDOM worth the risk?

Consider this your reminder to JUMP IN, FEET FIRST.

If you never take the leap, you’ll never have the opportunity to move into the Upper Level — whatever that is for you.


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