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Kamala Harris

I keep thinking about Kamala Harris’ performance during the Vice Presidential debate last week. It was such a familiar scene. A woman of color who is clearly the smartest and most qualified person in the room but has to bend over backwards to showcase her confidence and her expertise in the most delicate way possible, […]

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I once had a business coach tell me that if my business wasn’t evolving, it was dying. The same goes for our dreams and our lives. If we aren’t taking those bold steps to push our dreams forward, then we’re allowing them to shrivel up and die. What does your most turned-on, exciting, colorful, adventurous […]

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Who Are You?

If I asked you to tell me who you are, could you do that without naming any of your “roles?” Could you tell me all the things that made you light up, and the things that make you tick with no shame or guilt? If today stretched out before you like a long July afternoon […]

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