Who Are You?

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If I asked you to tell me who you are, could you do that without naming any of your “roles?”

Could you tell me all the things that made you light up, and the things that make you tick with no shame or guilt?

If today stretched out before you like a long July afternoon from your childhood, how would you spend it?

Do you even know who you are?

The more I talk to women of color about this topic, the more I’ve concluded we’re in the midst of an identity crisis.

We’ve hidden ourselves.

Behind our role of girlfriend, wife, partner.
Behind our children.
Behind our career.
Behind the notion that everything has to be perfect on the outside.

While we’re unsettled, unsure, and maybe even feeling unworthy of more on the inside.

Do you feel like it’s finally time to reconnect with YOU?
With who you are at your core?
With your purpose & mission?

Isn’t the possibility of discovering and excavating the many layers that will allow you to walk in authenticity...exciting?

Revealing the genuine YOU. Your true identity.

Did you know:
1 in 4 women feel they have no one to confide in?
1 in 2 women have no one outside of their immediate family to confide in?
66% of us are significantly dissatisfied with our current friendships?
84% of us believe we have a toxic friendship?

These stats are not okay.

And it’s just one of the reasons that I am shouting from the rooftops about my new program, The JOY Collective.

It’s so important that you take a bold step, invest in yourself, and remove yourself from those statistics.

You deserve to spend the next 6 months on a journey of discovering what a life that’s injected with more JOY and SOUL-STIRRING adventure looks and feels like.

Here are the highlights of The Joy Collective:

What Is it?
A 6 month group program for the renaissance woman of color, like you— the woman that has been focused on her career and the needs of everyone around her and is simply TIRED. We’re about to help you get back to YOU (while not shirking your responsibilities).

What’s included?
Curated Adventure + Community + Coaching

In other words, you’ll have the support of the other women in The Joy Collective while we work on taking the steps to feel more connected to your purpose and passion, and creating more time and space in your life for the things that make you happy.

Then we’ll meet up in breathtaking Sedona, AZ for a retreat that will rejuvenate you. And yes, the retreat is included in the program!

What Steps Do I Take To Join?
Head on over to The Joy Collective website, to learn more about the program. If it’s a good fit, click the APPLY button. You’ll simply choose a time for a call with me to get your questions answered and so I can learn more about how we can support you. From there, hopefully you’ll join us!

Super easy and very necessary, right?

The Joy Collective kicks off on APRIL 15th! That’s soon! So let’s get you on my calendar, so you can take this incredibly HUGE step towards adding fire, passion, and adventure back into your life.

It’s time to LIVE, not just exist.

— Nailah

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