Just the way you are

It’s that time of year where we are bombarded with New Year, New You messaging. But what if you were fine just the way you are? 

Now hear me out. I believe in personal growth and learning new things that will help you grow and change as a person. And I also believe that so many of us are chasing this perfect end state of a person that doesn’t really exist. There are so many voices out there telling us who we should be and what we should look like. Entire industries dedicated to helping you to be better, stronger, thinner, richer versions of yourself. 

But what if your best self is already there.  What if you didn’t have to change anything about yourself in order to become this “perfect” person.  What if you already were. And what you needed to do was to silence the external chatter, get really still, and listen. 

Listen to your gut. Listen to your heart.  Listen to the soft whispers of your ancestors. Listen to your inner child. Listen to those parts of yourself that you silence each and every day.

Your “best self” is already there. She’s just waiting for you to start tuning into her voice instead of ignoring it.

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