Slow down, to go fast

Happy New Year!

I’ve been using January to ease myself back into this year. For me, the new year kinda kicks off in February, which I admit, is not typical. The way I approach the start of the year — and goal setting in general if I’m being honest — is completely counterproductive to what is shoved in our face about goals and productivity and the new year. One big lesson I’ve figured out for myself and a ton of my clients:

Sometimes we need to go slow, so we can go fast on the stuff that matters.

That can look like building in lots of space for thinking, dreaming, visioning.
Or following your curiosity when it comes to creating plans.
Or saying ‘No’ to lots of things so that you can really say ‘Yes’ to what you want.
Or being ok with not setting (and crushing!) the typical goals.

Planning doesn’t need to be restrictive.

I believe that creating a plan should feel expansive.

We should feel like we’re stepping fully into ourselves when we think about our vision and when we create the plans to support our dreams.

What’s your approach to the new year? Do you dive right in or just take it slow?


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