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I’m Over Being A “Strong Black Woman”

This week while scrolling through Facebook I landed on an article from Ebony Magazine, titled “The Pressure of Being a “Strong Black Woman” Often Leads to Depression. My visceral reaction was FINALLY. Finally, the world is starting to recognize that the idea that black woman can and should endure ANYTHING and keep pushing is asinine. […]

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Let’s Talk About Fear, Baby.

I once had a business coach tell me that if my business wasn’t evolving, it was dying. The same goes for our big, juicy dreams. If we aren’t taking those bold steps to push our dreams forward, then we’re allowing them to shrivel up and die. What does your most turned-on, exciting, colorful, adventurous life […]

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Let’s keep the adventures rolling

We just wrapped up a fun 5-day challenge over in our Facebook community called Step Into Adventure. It was a complete joy to spend those 5 days taking small steps towards living more joy-filled lives. There was lots of sharing and some great aha moments came up. At the end of an exciting 5-day challenge […]

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