Let’s Talk About Fear, Baby.

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I once had a business coach tell me that if my business wasn’t evolving, it was dying. The same goes for our big, juicy dreams. If we aren’t taking those bold steps to push our dreams forward, then we’re allowing them to shrivel up and die.

What does your most turned-on, exciting, colorful, adventurous life look like? 

Does it include being so paralyzed by fear that you never take action on any of those big dreams that you’ve pushed to the back of your mind?

I’m willing to bet it doesn’t.

Look, fear can be a useful tool. It can serve as a protective device to keep us safe from truly dangerous stuff. Our ancestors relied on fear to keep them out of scary and life-threatening situations (Don’t go in that cave!)

But oftentimes, we allow our fears to keep us in our comfort zones. We rely much too heavily on our fears and use them as an excuse to never push our boundaries — to never change.

I know exactly how this feels. For years I was paralyzed by my cushy, but boring, life. I felt stuck and trapped and had no idea how to take the first steps to make a change. I soon learned that sometimes you just need to jump in, feet first so that you can get back on track to living your most passionate, unapologetic life.

In Colorful & Carefree I’m going to teach you how to dream up the life you really want and how to know which risks are worth the fear.

Just think of me as the one yelling “1-2-3…JUMP!”


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