2020 is about to be ??

Last week I asked you what was the thing you’d been burying.

Your idea, your desire that you’d pushed down for so long “because.”

The response was almost overwhelming.

We all have SOMETHING buried inside us that we’ve pushed off and accepted as a far-fetched dream.

But what if we could turn whatever that has been hiding in us into a SPARK?

A burning fire.

We’ve all been saying how 2020 has been an awful year.

And collectively that is true.

But that doesn’t have to be our individual stories.

What if we could turn this around in our individual lives?
And make this moment for our community a collective a turning point.

What if our story was, ‘2020 was a chaotic year, but it was also the year that I created space for my BIG IDEA?’

Maybe 2020 is the year you start to take the steps in the direction of the life you crave. A life that supports who you are at your deepest core.

That’s what I want to encourage you to start thinking about.

How to create space for yourself.
What can you finally say NO to?
All in an effort to create space for what lights you up?

Put that at the top of your to do list, because MORE is coming.
We’re not about to let this year dictate our paths or our growth.


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