Entrepreneur Anniversary

I saw a Facebook memory this week reminding me that 9 years ago, I walked into my manager’s office and put in my two week notice. 9 years ago, I took the ultimate chance on myself and my dreams and my vision. 9 years ago, I quit my corporate job and never looked back.

The last 9 years haven’t always been easy but I wouldn’t trade any of the ups and downs of the last near decade for anything. I’ve learned many things over the years but my #1 lesson is this:

Joy takes courage.

It takes courage to listen to that gentle tug that you feel pulling you in the direction of your joy-filled life. It takes courage to choose the things that make you feel whole and good and full, especially if they defy convention. It’s courageous to choose yourself in a world that consistently tells you that it’s selfish to put your needs first.

It takes courage but it’s not impossible. It’s completely within your reach.

Half of my job as a Life & Leadership Coach is giving women the permission to do the things that their soul whispers quietly to them — those big things like changing careers or stepping into their full power and those seemingly small things like asking for space or saying no to the things that don’t light them up.

The other part of my job is helping them to bring these visions to life in a way that supports the life they’d like to live, that doesn’t keep them stressed & small, that allows them to flourish and thrive.

I want to see you win. I’m rooting for you as you step into your joy.


P.S. If you feel like you’re ready to step into something new, but need to talk it out— I’m here! Book a free Clarity Call with me here.

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