The Burial

What is your thing — THE THING— that you’ve wanted to do forever?

Do you have this idea that has just been hanging out inside you for as long as you can remember, that you just haven’t acted on?

Maybe it’s not an idea, maybe it’s a desire.
Learning a new language.
Taking a pole dancing class.
Going on a solo trip to a different country (well, we aren’t doing that any time soon, but still.)

Want to know something? It doesn’t matter how many women I ask this question there is ALWAYS an answer.

Sometimes there’s more.

If I’m lucky enough to be looking at her when I ask it, I’ll often see it.
The sadness or longing appears in her eyes.
In a split-second, just as quickly as it came, the sadness is gone.

Well, it’s masked.
Not gone.
It’s just been buried.
And isn’t that what women tend to do?
What is expected of us?

Push down our wants, desires, ideas, and even at times our own needs.

And we do it for a number of reasons— all of which are a lie, by the way. Lies we’ve let our minds adopt as truth.

We tell ourselves that we can’t act on the things that we really want “BECAUSE.”

It may be because of kids.
Or a demanding job.
Or because we think it’s frivolous.
We’re not good enough.
Tall enough.
Fit enough.
Talented enough.

So instead of following that passion— that thing that lights us up, we attempt to channel that energy and passion into something more suitable. Palatable. Acceptable.

And then wonder why we feel so drained.
Why the passion we once had isn’t sparked in the way it used to be.
Wondering why we’re so incredibly tired and can’t figure out why

We have to stop burying the very things, ideas, thoughts, and experiences that ignite us.

No more pushing them down.
Let our ideas and wants and desires bubble to the surface.
And lets act on them. #SoulStirringAdventure


P.S. I want to know— what is the thing you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but never acted on? Comment and let me know!

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