What’s In Your Backyard?

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When you hear the word ‘adventure’ the first things that come mind may be extreme. Thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing exploits that you don’t get to experience often, or that you may have to travel and invest a lot of dollars in to enjoy.

While those are indeed adventures, there’s something to be said about smaller, quieter activities that may not be considered thrill-seeking to the world, but are adventurous just the same.

When I look into my daughter’s eyes and say “Let’s go on an adventure!” it can be as simple as going to a new park. We’re both naturally curious; being in a different environment allows us to explore and immerse ourselves into our new surroundings.

That’s what I want us to all understand — adventure simply means NEW. When you start to think of new ideas, activities and places as an adventure, suddenly there’s a lot of wonderment added to the experience. Your perspective shifts from being a bit cautious to approaching the same activity with intrigue and interest. Can you imagine approaching life with that kind of openness daily?

And what if you didn’t have to go far to find that new feeling? I’ll let you in on a secret. You don’t.

Your next adventure is right in your backyard — literally and metaphorically. Whether you live in a small rural area, or a big bustling city, it’s guaranteed there is a space there that you haven’t explored. Dance lessons, zip lining, hiking trails, indoor rock climbing, cooking classes — the list goes on. Better yet, you can create your own! Plant that garden that you’ve been mulling over for years. Go grab a cookbook and commit to working your way through each recipe.

I am a true believer that any new adventures open you up to more and doesn’t necessarily have to cost you anything, other than time and commitment. Pushing yourself to try something new will gradually break you out of those comfort zones…and we all know that’s where the magic happens.


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