Good Things Happen When You Change Your Seat.

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Have you ever REALLY wanted to do something— like go to a concert, or take a trip, or maybe something smaller like an in town event. You call up all your friends and they’re really just not that into it. They all have some reason why they can’t attend with you.

In those moments, what do you decide?

Do you get super sad that no one can hang out with you and stay home with Netflix and a bottle of wine (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way!).


Do you chuck up your peace sign ✌🏾 and go have the time of your life by yourself?

Now, if you’re the latter YOU👏🏾GO👏🏾GIRL👏🏾.

If it’s the former and you’re happy while you’re at home catching up on Insecure with your Pinot Grigio then #SAME. Do you, boo!

But, if you’re on the couch, missing out on that THING you wanted to experience so badly and you’re:


In disbelief that your “so-called-friends” (your thoughts, not mine!) wouldn’t show up for you after all the times you showed up for them?

Then you can’t be mad at anybody but yourself.

Bey told us a LONG time ago who we could depend on (Me, Myself and I). And while our friends should be supportive, that doesn’t make them responsible for us taking real action on chasing our dreams and doing what brings us joy.

It just doesn’t work like that.

I’ve learned some of the best lessons about myself when I explored and participated in things without the safety net of a friend with me.

In fact, that is when you are most open to new experiences, new relationships, new found knowledge and new ideas.

There are no distractions in those moments.

That kind of vulnerability makes it easier for others to see you, but most importantly, for you to see yourself.

It’s kind of like sitting in a new seat. When you’re at home, or sitting at the table do you have a “seat” or special spot that you always sit in? It’s so nice and comfy in that particular spot. It even conforms to your body, because it’s so used to you being there.

But if you ever take a moment to change your seat…you might notice that the view is just as nice and the meal tastes just the same in a different chair. It’s even possible that the view could be better…and the food taste just a bit better in a new seat, too.

And you may notice things that you couldn’t even see from the vantage point of your “special spot”.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to do that THING…do it. Cross it  off your bucket list, try something new, and don’t miss out because your friends aren’t down.

In fact, maybe you’ll make the bold decision to not ask them to begin with.

Just jump in, feet first.

Surprise yourself.

— N.

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