Happy Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! I’m looking forward to luxuriating in unapologetic Blackness this month (like every month!) and I want to take the time to focus on the themes of self love and self care.

Self-care is so much deeper than bubble baths and facemasks. The Black Panther’s promoted health and wellness for Black folks as a means of self-preservation. America’s healthcare system is not meant to support Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color, which was recently highlighted with how Covid affected our BIPOC communities. ⁣

This is why I am so passionate about my work. When we take care and nurture ourselves, we are giving a huge middle finger to these systems that try to oppress us and keep us down. ⁣

So the next time you find yourself wanting to sacrifice your self-care time, remind yourself of Audre Lorde’s quote; self-care is self-preservation. ⁣

So tell me, how will you care for and love yourself today? ⁣

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