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It’s been a wild, weird week

This has been a doozy of a week, right? There’s a lot of fear and overwhelm and anxiety and even some downright panic going around. There’s also grief over canceled plans, concerns about the future, anger over the decisions being made by our government (or lack there of), sadness about the ripple effects those decisions […]

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We’re Stepping Out Of This Middle Group

One of the concepts in the book that stuck with me was the idea of the “Middle-Status Conformity Effect.” Grant shared there were 3 common truths in every organization’s hierarchy: 1. Those at the top felt they had more freedom to deviate from the norm and to be trailblazers. 2. Those at the bottom had little […]

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Doing something new

Fun Announcement…I’m offering 1-on-1 coaching sessions Why? I’ve been a certified life and business coach for the past 10 years (!!) but I’ve recently decided to pursue getting an additional certification through the International Coaching Federation and want to make sure I have more recent 1-on-1 coaching client hours (instead of group coaching, which is […]

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