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Kamala Harris

I keep thinking about Kamala Harris’ performance during the Vice Presidential debate last week. It was such a familiar scene. A woman of color who is clearly the smartest and most qualified person in the room but has to bend over backwards to showcase her confidence and her expertise in the most delicate way possible, […]

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2020 is about to be ??

Last week I asked you what was the thing you’d been burying.Your idea, your desire that you’d pushed down for so long “because.” The response was almost overwhelming. We all have SOMETHING buried inside us that we’ve pushed off and accepted as a far-fetched dream.But what if we could turn whatever that has been hiding […]

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Is 2018 your Year for Adventure?

There’s something exciting about a brand new year. Whether 2017 was a great one for you or it felt like you faced obstacle after obstacle, now is the perfect time for a fresh, clean slate. I’ve never been a big fan for resolutions but I do like to think about how I’d like to feel […]

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