Is 2018 your Year for Adventure?

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There’s something exciting about a brand new year. Whether 2017 was a great one for you or it felt like you faced obstacle after obstacle, now is the perfect time for a fresh, clean slate. I’ve never been a big fan for resolutions but I do like to think about how I’d like to feel in the next year and set some intentions around that. For the last few years, I’ve also been choosing a word or theme to sum up those intentions for the year.

For 2018, My words are Fire + Flow.

I want to feel on fire, lit up, passionate and invigorated. I also want to feel flow, light, peace and in sync. I’ve already actively been getting rid of the projects and clients and things that don’t fit. The commitments that make me feel anxious and worried and overburdened. I’m making space for new opportunities that will make my soul come on fire and make me feel 100% in flow — those things I was meant to do.

Before the Color Outside retreat, I wrote thank you cards to all of the attendees and vendors. I was incredibly grateful that they trusted me to take them on that adventure. I had one card left over so I also wrote a little note to myself, sealed it and promptly forgot about it.

Last week I found it while unpacking my office.

It’s the perfect reminder for me as we sail into a new year that I have the ability to make magic.

You do too.

Don’t let anyone — especially not your own inner dragons — tell you differently. If this is your time to create the life you truly want, then let’s do that. Set your intention, create those juicy goals and let’s make magic.


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