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Put Yourself First, Unapologetically

A couple of months ago, I had reached my breaking point.  I was running on empty and feeling seriously stretched thin. I was stuck in that loop of putting everyone’s needs before my own (and there were so many needs!). Each day I would feel a little more depleted than the next. Have you ever […]

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Good Things Happen When You Change Your Seat.

Have you ever REALLY wanted to do something— like go to a concert, or take a trip, or maybe something smaller like an in town event. You call up all your friends and they’re really just not that into it. They all have some reason why they can’t attend with you. In those moments, what […]

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How are you Planning to Slay the Rest of the Year?

Fun fact about me: I spent the first 6 years of my professional life doing strategy and analytics at big corporations. I learned a few things from my work in this space: 1) I was not meant to work from a cubicle and 2) the importance of analyzing where you’ve been when it comes to […]

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