We Belong Outside

There’s something magical about connecting to nature — breathing in the fresh air, listening to the wind rustle through the trees, feeling the blood pump through your legs as you hike, run, jump, soar. There’s something magical about getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time slows down and things seem more simple. Where even the smallest exploration can feel like an huge adventure.

And yet, for some reason, you may have been told that the outdoors is not for you. That women of color don’t ‘do’ the outdoors.

Eff that noise.

Nature belongs to all of us. We belong here. There’s power in occupying space that’s been told doesn’t belong to you. You deserve to connect with the elements and pull power up & out of the earth to recharge and reignite our passion and purpose. Color Outside is here to help normalize the idea that women of all shades, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are out there, enjoying all that nature has to offer us.

Let’s take up all the space, together.

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