Doing This For 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

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No matter if you have a corporate career, stay home with your children or work from home it’s easy for your day to day life to resemble something close to Groundhog’s Day. While many thrive on routine, schedules and the like, if you’re not careful you’ll look around and realize you’ve spent an incredible amount of time on everyone and everything else. There’s not much energy or time left for you to focus on what brings you joy.

Joy outside of work and family, that is.

When was the last time you asked yourself ‘What are the things and moments that bring me joy? That take my breath away? That envelop me in peace?’

For me, it’s a warm mug of tea in silence before my family wakes. It’s walking through a trail, hearing the crunch of leaves and seeing the beauty of nature that thrives all on its own. It’s stepping outside, taking a deep breath with my face to the sky, feeling the warm sun absorb into my skin. Listening to my husband read to our daughter. Getting on my bike and being reminded of the carefree days of my childhood.

This month, I’d love for you to take the 15 Minute Self-Care Challenge with me!

  • Grab a post-it and write ‘How will you spend your 15 minutes today, ?’
  • Stick that note someplace you’ll definitely see it every day — heck, several times a day, even. Your bathroom mirror, the fridge, on your computer.
  • Then DO it. Commit to spending 15 minutes focused on you.

See how this 15-Minute Self-Care Challenge adds another layer of gratitude to your day. I think you’ll be surprised at the creative ideas that will come to you in those moments. Being in tune with your own thoughts will make you a better HUMAN, and that will translate to being better in all the different roles you have in life.

Join us in our Facebook Group Color Outside: The Community so we can share progress, takeaways and hold each other accountable during this challenge. Snap a picture of your Post-It Note to yourself and tag us on Instagram!


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