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Tell me if this sounds familiar, …

You’re an ambitious, driven woman of color. You take care of business both at home and at work. You’re scaling the corporate ladder or rocking your own business or raising tiny humans. You meet each challenge head on and you emerge on the other side with style and grace.

But lately the daily grind has been wearing you thin. You feel restless and frustrated and just downright bored. You remember when your life felt more exciting. Now it just feels a little…blah.

You feel alone in your journey because you don’t know any other women of color who get what you’re going through. Besides from the outside looking in, it still looks like you’re living it up.

Eventually, the day-to-day starts to feel tedious because it’s never-ending, and you begin to feel like your best days are behind you. You slowly begin to wonder if it’s even worth hanging onto the dreams you once had. Maybe it’s time to just settle into good enough.

But imagine if you had a community of other ambitious women of color who understood and supported you. And a team of experts giving you advice tailored specifically to women of color looking to infuse their lives with more adventure. And time — actual dedicated time — to fill up with inspiration and fall back in love with your life each week. Imagine how vibrant your life could be with that kind of community behind you.

This is exactly what you’ll find in Colorful & Carefree.

Colorful & Carefree is a 10-week program designed to facilitate connection, fuel inspiration, and fight burnout so we can rise together and create our most joy-filled, adventurous lives.

Through a combination of masterclasses and monthly group work, we’ll curate a community that addresses the needs of women of color like us. Together, we’ll nourish the adventurous spirit that’s been hiding so that you can really show up and take up your space in this world.

The doors are now open to the course — but we only have a few spots available in order to keep our community intimate. Visit the website to learn more and to secure your spot in this amazing course.


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