Are you creating clear boundaries for yourself?

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Any day now, my son will be making his entrance into this world.

Like most mothers of more than one child, I find myself constantly comparing this pregnancy to my first. There are many similarities and some stark differences. The biggest difference, I’ve noticed, is me.

With my daughter, I was determined to prove to the world that having a child would not— could not — change me. I would return to work before I was actually ready and stress myself out trying to remain “professional” at all times. By professional, I meant showing no outward signs that I was a mother. I’d make no adjustments, have no boundaries and as a result, I was incredibly depleted.

It didn’t dawn on me that I was robbing myself of joy at the expense of people’s opinion of me, simply to keep up with a facade.

This time around? I refuse to inconvenience myself for the sake of others convenience.

Have you reached that point yet?

It might not be through the lens of motherhood, but I’m sure you can relate to how difficult it can be to clearly set boundaries.

In the beginning, you barely notice how the lack of confines affect your life and upends your balance. As lines are continually crossed by others, you eventually are out of sorts, no longer having the time or space to participate in the things that actually bring you joy.

Whether those boundaries need to be set at work, at home or in your relationships; it’s time to take a deep look at what’s holding you back from truly living your colorful life.

What’s on the other side of drawing a clear line in the sand?

Lifted burden? New confidence? More time and freedom? Can you imagine what it’s like to empty a space that has been a source of resentment or even pain and filling it with joy?

That’s what is possible when you set boundaries. You are literally creating room for your own happiness.

Do with it what you will.



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