What’s your WHY?

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WHY do you want to live a more engaging, colorful, adventurous life?

In order to keep moving forward on any big dream or life change, you must have a substantial compelling vision — a WHY.

Your WHY should be monumental. It should be something you care about so deeply in your gut that it will propel you forward during your darkest hours. Your WHY should keep you up at night (but don’t let it, get your 8 hours in, girl).

Choosing to live a life with more unapologetic joy on your own terms won’t always be easy. It will require you to do things that the average person might not consider. And it might mean pushing forward after a failure and continuing to have hope in the bleakest moments.

It is in these extra tough moments that you will need to call on your WHY to keep you motivate to keep going.

My biggest WHY is my family. I want to make sure that my kids see that they can create a fulfilling and financially rewarding lifestyle on their terms. I want to leave a legacy for not only my family but also to other little girls of color so that they know that they’re magic and can literally create the life that they want. And I want all women but particularly women of color to know that they deserve joy and to take up space.

These are the things that keep me going when I feel like throwing in the towel or settling for just good enough.

I want to hear from you, what’s your WHY? Hit reply and let me know!


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