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Put Fear in the Back Seat

How often do you dream about your future these days? I mean really┬ádream. Not only the big, scary, I-may-need-to-hit-the-lottery dreams, but also the quiet ‘I wish I could do this one small thing but’ dreams. Now, how often do you talk yourself out of those very same dreams? Just today, I asked my daughter what […]

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Taking my own advice

This is the face of a woman who just spent 2 whole days relaxing in the woods with her family with *gasp* no phone! My brain is usually going a mile a minute but by Saturday afternoon I could feel everything slowing down and the constant to-do list started to melt away. It felt good. […]

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Don’t Let Another Year Pass You By

Remember last year, around this time, everyone was lamenting on how terrible 2016 was and how they were just waiting for a fresh, new year to start? Hopefully, we thought, 2017 wouldn’t be so keen on killing off all of our childhood idols and would chill on the toxicity we saw playing out in politics […]

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