Date Yourself.

Date Yourself

You need to take yourself out on a date.
Spend more time with you.

More than anything else…you should stop putting off the things you want to do simply because you’re waiting for someone to do it with you.

Your happiness and quest for adventure shouldn’t be tied to someone else’s desires aligning with yours.
If you want to see the movie— go see it.
Been craving Thai food? Go sit in a restaurant and eat your heart out.
Want to go on a hike or spend more time outdoors? Sis, lace up your shoes and GO.

And that trip that you’ve always wanted to take?

One of the questions asked when people join the Color Outside Facebook Group is to share an obstacle that’s kept them from having more adventure in their life.

I can’t tell you how many times the answer is “finding someone to do it with.”

And while we are ALLLLL about community here, we are also about doing what lights you up. We want you to run toward the things that make your heart skip a beat.

Often times, our friends and family don’t have the same vision for us. But when you step out of your comfort zone and date yourself or take a solo trip, you firmly put yourself in a place with like minded people.

Not only do we take up space, but we MAKE space, too.

By making space, you expand your circle. When there is a NEXT time that you want a repeated experience, you’ll have built a community of folks who are always down, ready to explore, and experience soul-stirring adventures with you.

For instance, some of that women who’ve joined the Color Outside retreats and Pop of Color workshops have made lifelong bonds after traveling to these events without knowing a soul.

Don’t be confined to what others will do with and for you.
Date yourself.
Do the damn thing.
And watch a whole new world open up for you.

Pop of Color, Los Angeles | November 2018


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