Good and Good Enough

What is the difference between “good enough” and “good enough to rest?”
Most of the women in my life suffer from some form of not good enough-ness. As women, we’ve been socialized from a very young age to not only distrust what our bodies & hearts are telling us but to also believe that who we are at our very core is not enough.

We should be better. (but not intimidating)
Thinner. (but don’t lose your curves!)
Nicer. (smile!)
Sexier. (but don’t be a slut!)

If we’re too loud, we should be quiet.
If we’re quiet, we should speak up more.
If we’re emotional, we should suck it up.
If we’re restrained, we should loosen up and let people in.

And if we are resting, we’re being lazy.
Surely, there is something else we should be doing in order to be a better woman.

What does our society gain from keeping us in the realm of not enough-ness? Lots.

As Tara Mohr says:

Perhaps the extent to which our culture aims to keep women from resting is an indicator of how potent our rest would be, how core and tied to our empowerment.

When you give yourself the opportunity to rest — really rest — and sink into the glorious goodness of who you are at your core, you reconnect with what makes you feel happy, full, and whole. You reconnect with your joy. You tap into your pleasure. You stoke your inner fire. You regain your power.

You remember who TF you are without having to rely on what you’ve accomplished.

When you rest, you can tap into the things that really light you up so that you can begin creating a life that intentionally includes those things. And, more importantly, begin curating a life that leaves out the things that drain your soul.

What do we lose when we’re constantly trapped in a cycle of doing more to prove our enough-ness? We lose ourselves.

Take the time to rest, .

Sink into your joy. Stoke your inner fire. Then let this world know who TF you are.


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