Have you ever had a dream that was burning inside of you, but for some reason you couldn’t get it out?

Maybe you were too busy or didn’t feel ready.

Whether it was internal or external, something was always there preventing you from moving forward on your heart’s desire.

I’ve been there.
And I’ve been annoyed with myself when I wasn’t able to just make it happen.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing this come up over and over again with clients and friends. All of a sudden, they are ready.

There’s something about dealing with the sudden unknown like a global pandemic that is lighting a fire under them.

It’s no longer ok to wait it out or take the more sensible route.

They want to get their vision out now. At this moment in time, even with everything seemingly crashing down around them… they knew that they needed to put themselves fully out into the world right now.

They knew — felt it in their bones — that the world needed them operating fully in their purpose and that pushing this vision down would be far more painful than taking the steps to release it.


I understand because I’ve been there.

There have been plenty of times when I couldn’t take the seemingly perfect next step because I wasn’t ready. So I would hire someone to show me exactly how to do it or take another course or get a new degree. All of that can look like you’re busy making things happen but oftentimes it’s you busying yourself with stuff while your vision waits patiently inside of you.

When you’re ready, you know.
When you’re ready, you’ll be fine with putting yourself out there even if it’s not perfect because you understand how important it is.

Maybe you’re feeling that tug right now. In all of the chaos, maybe you feel that calming tug pulling you towards that very right thing. And if you are feeling that tug and you’re ready to talk about a process that takes you from feeling ready to voicing and crystallizing your biggest ideas, then I’m here for you.

Just comment and we’ll set up some time to talk.

Maybe you’re not quite ready yet, that’s ok. I’m still here to support you on this journey and I’m so grateful that you’re in this community.


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