I Have a Question For You..

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I have a question for you.

When’s the last time you thanked yourself?

It’s November (already!). Most of us tend to be more aware and intentional about showing our gratitude for the seemingly small things and the overwhelmingly BIG things.

Whether you’re doing a daily gratitude challenge on social media, or choosing to be more mindful about all that you appreciate privately, it’s very rare for us to bring that gratitude and grace full circle, back around to yourself.

You may be wondering why should you thank yourself? The answer is simple. Why the hell not?

As a clarity coach, I’ve had the opportunity to witness several women in the Color Outside community transform and grow exponentially. I see you, sis. Doing the work it takes to become HER.

The best version of yourself.

That work looks different for all of us. For some, it means to prioritize sleep, or be more active, choose healthier eating options, finding the time to write and journal.

Whatever it is, it looks good on YOU.

And while we teach our daughters and sons the importance of being kind, we often forget to teach them that kindness starts with SELF.

Being kind costs nothing, even when you’re extending that gratitude and kindness onto yourself.

So YES. Be your biggest cheerleader.

Thank your damn self.

For growth. For change. For acceptance.



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