Are you Ready to Supercharge your Life?

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I read a meme the other day that said “My New Year begins on February 1st. January was just a free trial month.”

…and I get it.

Whether you’ve completely crushed the goals you set for yourself for January or you’re ready to finally get things popping in February, I have just what you need.

Color Outside: The Community has just launched! The Community is a new, private Facebook Group for us to connect, share our outdoor adventures, aspirations and to have a healthy, positive support system as we go through LIFE as women of color.

At the core of everything we do at Color Outside is the desire for you to live your best life; no matter what that looks like. You get to define what living an adventurous life is to you, we just want to be here to celebrate your wins and support you as you push past your own boundaries. Having a space where we can connect and grow together will keep us accountable to each otherand ourselves.

Join Color Outside: The Community


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