The Best Question You’ll Ever Ask Yourself

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“What does your perfect day look like?”

When someone first asked me this question, it was so profound because at the time I really hadn’t given much thought to what the perfect day looked like. Sure, I’d thought about how I wanted the full sphere of my LIFE to look like.

But, I wasn’t sure what that looked like on a day-to-day basis.

Not gonna lie, it’s become one of my favorite questions to not only ask myself, but to ask other women.

And as I’ve been asking this question, I’ve found that it’s not just me — most of us— haven’t given it much thought.

Isn’t that something? We’re all running around trying to build our own version of perfect lives, and we can’t even describe our own perfect day.

Granted, perfect is relative and not actually PERFECT, but ideal.

So, this week I want you to take some time to think about your perfect or ideal day.

And as you piece it together, commit to it not being a fantasy. Really take the steps so that you can absolutely get closer to your ideal day.

Here are the steps to take:
1. Spend some time building out that day and imagining what it will feel like once you’re consistently having days that mirror that dream.

2. Look at your current days and see what you can both eliminate and add to get closer to the days you want to have.

3. Put it in action. Make cuts. Say no to what isn’t good for you, add more of what brings you joy. Ensure there is time for yourself in the mix— not just on the fray, but bold and centered.


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