Two Ocean Metaphors & A Challenge

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I’m a summer girl at heart but I’m a big fan of September because it still signals to me the start of a new year. We’re shaking off the summer laziness, kids are going back to school, business prospects are ready to get started again. And you still have 4 months left in the year to hit the goals that you set for yourself.

September is the perfect time to burn the boats.

Let me back up a bit.

Legend has it that when the Ancient Greeks would go into battle, they’d sail up onto the shores of whatever new land they were set to conquer, they’d get all of their soldiers off of the boat and then…they’d burn the boat. This signaled that the only way out was victory. There was no retreating back to the boat to sail home. They came to win.

The same should be true for your own goals. Find a way to burn your boats. Make it absolutely clear that you are serious about being victorious when it comes to making your vision come true.

Put a deposit down for that big trip you’ve been longing to take.
Tell that terrible client that this will be your last month with them.
Buy the equipment that you need to make your side hustle your full hustle.

Be👏🏾 about 👏🏾 that 👏🏾 life!

Having one foot in the ocean and one foot on the shore just guarantees that you won’t be able to swim and you won’t be able to run.

It serves no one.

Set the intention to move forward on making your dream life a reality. Burn those damn boats.

Tell me, what will you be doing to burn your boats and take a big leap forward on your goals?


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