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The 7 Most Efficient Ways to Complete the Stress Cycle

​The holidays can be a magical time of year BUT they can also be super stressful. Whether you’re meeting up with family or hanging with friends or having a quieter time at home, the end of the year can bring up all kinds of stressors and overwhelm. All of our emotions are a cycle — […]

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It can be really tough to remember to put ourselves first. But when we give, give, give without replenishing ourselves, it’s like we’re tackling a mountain on an empty stomach. We need to be fully resourced to face the world. Practicing restorative selfcare is one of the ways we can ensure that we’re fueled up […]

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What Does Wellness Actually Mean for Real People?

We’ve been hearing a lot about wellness lately — it’s having a moment — but what does wellness actually mean for real people? For me, wellness means whatever makes us feel whole, full, and good. And this is exactly why the outdoors is the perfect vehicle for wellness. Getting out into the wild allows us […]

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Do you believe that everything has to be productive?

A lot of times, the things that we are calling hobbies are more productive, so it’s like “Oh, my hobby is to go running!” but it’s like, well you go running because that also is checking the box if you need to exercise so you can say it’s productive. Women have notoriously have a really […]

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Zion National Park trip

Want to experience an iconic National Park with other amazing, adventurous women of color? Zion National Park is awe-inspiring with its red-rock desert features, high-altitude forests, and the iconic Virgin River. This is a bucket bucket-list destination for many outdoor enthusiasts, and on this 4-day adventure you’ll get to experience all aspects of the stunning […]

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Great Resignation or Great Awakening?

Employees are awakening. They’re craving investment in the human aspects of work. Individuals are waking up to the realization that they deserve to be in organizations that respect and support them. Focusing on Clarity, Connection, & Community can help us curate organizations that employees gravitate to rather than one they are turning away from. We […]

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Today we’ll tackle the final C which is Culture. Psychological safety represents one important piece of an organization’s climate and culture. Along with creating an environment where team members feels safe showing up as their full selves at work, we also want to make sure that employees feel connected to a greater meaning/purpose. A BetterUp study found […]

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Connection & Compassion

This is a continuation for the 3 Cs of building a culture of leadership. The first point of Clarity doesn’t work if you’re not able to build a culture of openness and honesty. Your team members need to feel safe providing their feedback on what’s going right in your culture and what might need some […]

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Today I am starting to tackle the 3 Cs of building a culture of leadership. The first one is Clarity. We can’t know where we’re going if we don’t first have a clear understanding of where we are. In order to start building an engaging culture of leadership, you have to have a clear understanding of […]

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