Are notifications driving you crazy?

“If my phone dings, beeps, rings, or notifies me of one more thing, I’m going to throw it out the ducking window.” That was a text message I sent to my husband not too long ago. Complete with “ducking” because my phone insists on censoring me. Let me live, phone. I was stressed out because […]

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Don’t Let Another Year Pass You By

Remember last year, around this time, everyone was lamenting on how terrible 2016 was and how they were just waiting for a fresh, new year to start? Hopefully, we thought, 2017 wouldn’t be so keen on killing off all of our childhood idols and would chill on the toxicity we saw playing out in politics […]

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The Holidays Don’t Have to be Stressful

I love the holiday season but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Just like I’m a big believer of you choosing & defining your own adventure when it comes to creating your own life, I think the same can be said for the holiday season. YOU get to decide what your holiday season looks like […]

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