Celebrating Juneteenth

‘We are our ancestors wildest dreams.’ – Unknown

No matter how you choose to celebrate Juneteenth, I want you to pause for one moment and recognize the magnitude of today.

Can you imagine the swelling sense of joy and pride your great-great-great-great Grandmother and Grandfather have when they see YOU?

What you’ve built.
What you fight for.
What you dream of.

When you think of what they endured just so you can be right here in this moment – how can you even consider shrinking, playing small, and not going for everything that you – and your ANCESTORS – want and deserve?

You see, when we tap into our full selves, into our joy – it’s not just about us.
It’s generational.
It’s wealth.
It’s releasing trauma.
It’s abundance and FREEDOM.

It is our birthright.

So while we celebrate Juneteenth, really consider what it will take for you to be truly FREE. And then start taking real action on how to get there.


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