Your Joy Is Rebellion

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking to clients, friends, and peers and the one theme that keeps coming up is that they don’t feel like they’re doing enough in this moment.

We’re experiencing a flurry of emotions: anger, astonishment, relief, overwhelm, joy.
We’re protesting, calling folks out on social media and in real life, navigating a still thriving global pandemic, shoving down our feelings to show up at work, and still taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

And still feeling like we’re not doing enough.

Think about that for a moment.

We’re literally fighting for our health and our lives, keeping up with ‘normal’ activities, and still telling ourselves that it’s not enough.

Keeping it real here: That’s some unrealistic bullshit.

Remember this:
There are 1000 ways to show up to this movement and how YOU show up can be different (or the same) every single day.

You can protest with your dollars, protest on the streets, and you can protest with your JOY.

Black JOY itself is a rebellion and resistance against systemic racism.

It is the exact opposite of what your oppressor wants.

Taking time to step back.
Getting lost in a book.
Making a bomb ass, healthy, gourmet meal.
Teaching your kid how to ride a bike.
Setting up the sprinklers in the backyard.
And cuddling up with your glass of wine and a movie.

All of that is how you rebel.

You showing up fully and unapologetically as yourself is a rebellion in itself.

This week I helped curate #BlackHikersWeek with two other amazing groups online. If you haven’t checked out the hashtag on Instagram, go scroll through it and catch you all the Black Joy in nature vibes.

Then comment and let me know how you will choose to REBEL WITH JOY today.


P.S. If everything is feeling super heavy for you right now, sometimes talking it out with someone can give you complete clarity. That’s actually what I do for my community. You can book a free, no strings attached Clarity Call with me here.

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