Freedom is not given, it is WON.
– A. Phillip Randolph.

Do you feel FREE?

With next week being Juneteenth, and an awakening happening in America (this is me being hopeful), I’ve been thinking about what really makes you free.

What does freedom look like for Black, Indigenous, and Brown folks?

I shared a bit of my thoughts on Instagram, here.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that we’re fighting systemic racism in the external world…

But there’s internal struggle and war, keeping us from being free.

When you constantly inconvenience ourselves for the sake of someone else’s convenience, you’re not free.

When you run yourself into the ground in a quest to be perfect, you’re not free.

When you don’t act on your own dreams and give in to fear of failure, you’re not free.

And all of those things you give in to instead make you bitter, resentful, restless, unfulfilled.

Freedom cannot be found there.

The war within yourself must be fought with the same tenacity, and vigor, and realness as you’re giving this external war.

Tapping into your joy, your power, your TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF… that’s where Freedom lives.

It looks like saying NO to what doesn’t serve you.

It looks like going after that scary dream, and recognizing that even if you fail, you’ll learn some incredible things along the way. And you can try again.

It looks like letting go of what society tells you that you should be doing, and listening to your heart and your head and doing THAT instead.

It looks like JOY.

We can be our own sanctuary. Our bodies. Our minds. Our spirit.

And that is how we win the war for FREEDOM.

What is something you can do this weekend that gets you closer to being FREE?


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